Nitin Tomar


Mr. Nitin Tomar

Mr. Nitin Tomar , came from a farming background and always had a vision of Indian restaurants ruling the world. So he decided to start a cafe and named it ChaiApps. He has always stuck to his vices to make ChaiApps India’s leading cafe franchise . Mr. Nitin Tomar has faced many challenges to get his brand on to this level. When lockdown 2020 came , his 40+ all outlets all over India had to shut down and it caused him a massive loss but he didn’t lose his willpower and when cafes finally began to open he came up with a brilliant Chai recipe that increased their revenue generating rate to its peak . His goal is to make ChaiApps worldwide and give his customers the best experience.


Mr. Satvir Singh

Mr.Satvir signifies the true characteristics of hardwork and risks. He and Mr. Nitin Tomar met in 2018 at a birthday party and at that time Mr.Satvir was doing a job when he one day sat at a Tea stall and had tea, wondering if he serves this tea at a cafe then it would be a revolutionary change in Indian Startups. In 2019 , ChaiApps opened their first cafe in Gurgaon and both the founders could see the love for Chai among people. Mr.Satvir aims to take ChaiApps on an international level and his consistency is outstanding.


Harpreet Singh

Mr. Harpreet is a digital marketer having a professional responsible for developing and implementing both offline & online marketing strategies to promote ChaiApps franchise partner growth as well for brand in the digital realm. The main role is crucial in today’s technology-driven world, as businesses rely heavily on digital channels to connect with their target audience and drive growth. 


Mr. Dharamveer Pandey

At ChaiApps, we take immense pride in the diversity and experience of our team members. Mr. Dharamveer Pandey is a shining example of the kind of talent that enriches our work environment. He joined ChaiApps in 2021 as a Business Development Executive and has since then achieved great milestones in his professional journey with us.

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