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ChaiApps aims to be the leader in the food and beverage industry. ChaiApps wishes to provide the best taste along with very best benefits in health. ChaiApps is India’s largest brand serving aroma of traditional Indian Chai to our customers. We have a unique variety of Chai directly coming from different parts of India. We have more than 100+ outlets all over the country and more than 4 outlets all over the world. Our wish is to keep our customers healthy without any compromise in taste. 

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ChaiApps Jammu

Just tried their tandoori momos and it was wow!!! 5 out of 5 stars for momos!!!

ChaiApps Nagpur

I took the burger fries and coke meal and i can say it made my tummy full with so less price in comparison to other cafe meals. I would give them 5 out of 5 stars!

ChaiApps Patna

I wasn’t so fond of Cold Coffees until I tasted ChaiApps’s Mocha Frappe . They made me visit their Jaunpurr’s branch every week now ❤🔥

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Sabina Khan

Among the 5 Tea Leading Franchise Company in Delhi. Keep It Up Guys

Vaibhav Kumar

Amazing Ambience Good Place Best Chai Franchise to Open

Roop Chand

I have visited again at restaurant, very impressive nice behavior.

Pramod Kumar

I invested my savings in franchise business of ChaiApps and really worth


ChaiApps is an expanding their tea franchise outlets is truly impressive.


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